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"You look like her...I- she was just like you, a drop but crystal clear and slightly gazed with leafy green, she died from getting run over by a car!" ~Toothpick

Toothpick is a character possibly created by FireyDash FPS. PlotagonRocks got permission to use Toothpick after commenting that he was thinking of using the character (and Raindrop) in Sloppy Competition on one of FireyDash FPS's community posts on YouTube. In Sloppy Competition, he is voiced by PlotagonRocks himself.

Toothpick's Sloppy Competition team icon is also PlotagonRocks's profile picture on Discord.


Toothpick is an anthropomorphic wooden toothpick with arms and legs. FireyDash FPS depicts him as a tan, long, and thin toothpick. PlotagonRocks's depiction of Toothpick shows him with more of an apricot color. Toothpick is also shorter and thinner in PlotagonRocks's design.


Before the events of Sloppy Competition, Toothpick specialized in martial arts. He gave lessons to Raindrop's daughter despite barely knowing the daughter at the time. Toothpick apparently lived in a log cabin, which got infested with rats at least once, before he moved to Checkpoint City.

In Sloppy Competition, Toothpick has a rather chill, relaxed personality. He took a break from martial arts, and he now spends more time with friends. He is given a sarcastic voice with a United States accent.

Toothpick and Raindrop have developed a close friendship, too. They are BFFs, and Toothpick says he does not have a crush on Raindrop.


  • Toothpick is a team captain in Sloppy Competition, leading Team Toothpick.
  • Toothpick and Raindrop are similar in many ways.
    • They are both voiced by PlotagonRocks.
    • They both have arms and legs.
    • They are both possibly created by FireyDash FPS.
    • Both are on Team Toothpick.
  • Toothpick is sometimes used to represent PlotagonRocks.