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Shoot Down is the second level in the World of Transporters series. It was made by JustDanceTynkerMatty.


Shoot Down increases the use of move triggers and uses them in a sudden fashion. It introduces the transporters below, the rotation of dash rings, the Spider form, and mirror portals to the World of Transporters series. Vertical obstructions appear WAY more often, thus requiring stricter movement. Because of the amount of move triggers, Shoot Down holds a very hard difficulty.

  • Red pads
  • Red rings
  • Black rings


Shoot Down holds an accurate 1.0 style and uses somewhat vibrant colors for the background and ground.


  • The first coin is located at 26% and is collected as the ship. After a cube sequence, fly quickly, but carefully, up close to the hazardous ceiling, therefore requiring some easy "straight flying" to get the coin. After collecting the coin, fly down to the main route.
  • The second coin is located at 56% and is collected as the spider. After the mirror portal's effects cease, teleport through a gap through a spiked row of half blocks. You now have to teleport twice before collecting the coin. A jump pad will ten return you to the main route.
  • The third coin is located at 86% and is collected as the cube. After the very fast spider sequence, jump directly into a cyan jump pad. A yellow jump ring will move away and you will fall into a gravity portal and there will be three jump rings, two magenta and one yellow, in which the second magenta ring will redirect you to hazard if activated. Avoid it and activate the yellow ring to fall to the main route.


  • Shoot Down takes 91 seconds to complete.
  • Shoot Down took months to verify and was nerfed multiple times before finally being verified in February 2019.
    • The verifier was JustDanceTynkerMatty himself.
  • Shoot Down uses the audio of Realms by Hinkik.
  • The main background colors in the spider part depend on the mirror portal's effects. When the level is under the effects of the mirror portal, the background color is the color of the activation mirror portal. When the effects of the mirror portal are ceasing, the background color is the color of the deactivation portal.