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“Gonna go outside?” ~Raindrop

Raindrop is a character possibly made by FireyDash FPS. PlotagonRocks got permission to feature Raindrop and Toothpick in his object show after commenting about his thoughts of having them in his object show on a YouTube community post from FireyDash FPS.


Raindrop is a blue-green drop of water who wears a flower on her head. In Sloppy Competition, her flower is smaller than in FireyDash FPS* visual depictions of her.


Raindrop commits kind actions, and seems to be easygoing, though she can get a little nervous if something goes wrong. Raindrop is loyal to her friends, especially Toothpick. However, it’s not always easy for Raindrop to control her temper.

Raindrop might also have a sadistic side, as shown in a drawing of her shooting Netherite Sword in the “head.”


  • Raindrop's body asset is a recolor of a cartoon depiction of a teardrop.
    • The original image is used for a copyrighted and trademarked object show character.
      • PlotagonRocks has permission from American YouTuber Cary Huang, who is possibly the author of the image.
        • PlotagonRocks didn't have to pay money for permission.
  • For Wav's voice, PlotagonRocks speaks in the voice he uses for Raindrop. He then pitches the recording down by at least 1.5 semitones.
  • Raindrop has said that she has a daughter.
  • Raindrop is the first Sloppy Competition character to be murdered; before the events of the show, she was killed by her former boyfriend, Blooddrop.
    • Coincidentally, she also non-canonically killed Netherite Sword.