Matthew, also known as PlotagonRocks, is a Geometry Dash player and level creator. His user ID is 54985440.

History Edit

PlotagonRocks started playing in early 2018. He used to play Geometry Dash more often than he played Just Dance, but now, he tends to play Just Dance more than Geometry Dash, the other way around.

Levels Edit

Upcoming Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He calls levels maps.
  • The passwords of most of his levels are the amount of objects. However, PlotagonRocks is not the first person to do this.
    • Because of this, he doesn't like to mention the object count.
  • He has a way of typing (da quick brown fox jumped over da lazy dog).
  • He used to be in the "daily chat" a lot.
    • He is known for "spamming" "blixer is a cat" in the comments of a daily level. However, PlotagonRocks doesn't seem to do this often nowadays.
    • He commented "i can hear my voice" on Horizon by Rimuruu to tease EZ DO MAP.
  • He created a term, blix, meaning to make a custom video game level.
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