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P.U.L.S.E, tilted PULSE in-game, is a level by JustDanceTynkerMatty.


P.U.L.S.E starts off with a normal speed cube with a few transporters. A fast mini ship with two decorative Club Step monsters succeeds the cube. After a UFO sequence, another cube part begins. Then, the speed transitionally changes from fast to slow. After the cube part comes the level's only dual, in double speed, which begins with you and your clone being cubes, then being balls, and being cubes again—then concluding. After activating two jump rings, you will fall up into a deactivation gravity portal—then a slow, colorful cube sequence will begin. Then begins another fast ship sequence, being normal-sized unlike the other. A wave sequence with some easy spamming will follow the ship. After comes a memory UFO with saw blades instead of spiked blocks. Then comes another mini ship. The level concludes with a cube sequence.


P.U.L.S.E mostly uses one color per color scheme. It uses 1.7, 1.8, and 1.9 decorations throughout the level.


  • P.U.L.S.E uses the audio of the Living Tombstone song of the same name.
    • The Living Tombstone made the song under his old alias, Koolfox.
  • P.U.L.S.E and Close to Double were supposed to be brother levels.
    • Ironically, they ended up in the same series.
  • P.U.L.S.E takes 91 seconds to complete.