Aaron and JustDanceTynkerMatty’s Geometry Dash Wiki

Number of hunting ships, titled as NOHS in-game, is a level by JustDanceTynkerMatty.


Number of hunting ships starts out fast-paced, switching between the cube and robot forms while wFriend claws constantly appear. A ball part comes shortly after the level slows from fast to normal speed. You later shrink and speed up. The mini part "plays with slopes" and contains two hazardous jump rings. The level slows down to normal, transitionally speeds up from normal to extremely fast, then slows down from extremely fast to slow. The slow mini cube sequence is simple and easy.


  • The coin is located at 23% and is collected as the cube. Simply skip a blue pad and you will enter an activation gravity portal, falling above the normal route, then wait and hold until you land on the third single block and fall to a deactivation gravity portal. The coin is in the middle of the portal.