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  1. Contest Gauntlet: Hosted by RobTop and a fan, these Gauntlets are usually filled with recent levels based on the contest’s theme. So far they are Crystal Gauntlet, Doom Gauntlet, Magic Gauntlet and Monster Gauntlet.
  2. Shard Gauntlet: The first six Gauntlets were themed around the Shards Of Power (Fire, Ice, Poison, Shadow, Lava and Bonus rewards) and had levels chosen by RobTop. These were well-complained due to the fact that the chosen levels didn’t really include any of those’s themes (except for a few levels).
  3. RobTop Gauntlet: A non-contest gauntlet released before the big contest one with fitting levels chosen by RobTop himself. These were much better than the Shard Gauntlets as many fans indicate.
  4. Basement Gauntlet: Don’t have any themes. The Chaos Gauntlet is added by clicking on the blue lock the first time in the Basement and you can receive the blue key to remove the lock after finishing, while the Demon Gauntlet is now playable after freeing the Demon Guardian and opening his leftover chest.

List Of Gauntlets[]

  1. Fire Gauntlet
  2. Ice Gauntlet
  3. Poison Gauntlet
  4. Shadow Gauntlet
  5. Lava Gauntlet
  6. Bonus Gauntlet (not a Bonus unlockable one, one themed around the Shards altogether like the Bonus shard rewards)
  7. Chaos Gauntlet
  8. Demon Gauntlet
  9. Time Gauntlet
  10. Crystal Gauntlet
  11. Magic Gauntlet
  12. Spike Gauntlet
  13. Monster Gauntlet
  14. Doom Gauntlet
  15. Death Gauntlet

Please note all of them were released during 2.1 and 2.11. There won’t be any after them, we promise.