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Launch is an online level made by JustDanceTynkerMatty. It is the first level in both the World Of Transporters series the Where the Decoration Is series. as said in the level's description. The level's successors are Shoot Down and Space Ship.


Launch uses the move and alpha triggers, as well as the transporters listed below. The level has a moderately easy difficulty.

  • Yellow jump pad
  • Yellow jump ring
  • Magenta jump ring
  • Green dash ring
  • Green jump ring


Launch is a colorful level with mostly bright colors and turns black 4 times separately. It has a variant of the 1.0 style that looks like a mix of RobTop and Colon's 1.0 styles.


  • The first coin is located at 23% and collected as the cube. After hitting a magenta jump ring, jump again to collect the coin. A cyan jump pad followed by a blue gravity portal will bring you back to the main route right before a voice says "magic singing box". The coin is also one of the separate requirements to collect the second coin, although both don't need to be collected together.
  • The second coin is located at 44% and collected as the ship. A key located at 25% must be collected at first. Simply jump off a half block to get the key, eventually returning to the main route.
  • The third coin is located at 98% and collected as the ball. When the ball sequence begins, go up to enter another ball portal and the grid will shift as well as the background and ground turning blue. The main objective after entering the portal is to complete the coin route.


  • Launch takes 69 seconds to complete.
  • Launch uses the audio of “Rockin That Bass”, which was made by a popular level creator called MrKoolTrix.
  • In this case, the title, Launch, refers to being launched by a jump pad.
  • Launch uses the blue jump pad, blue gravity portal, magenta jump pad, the pink dash ring, and the 1.4-added small equilateral spikes as a part of collecting user coins.
    • Shoot Down also uses the blue jump pad and small equilateral spikes as part of collecting user coins.
  • On June 29, 2018, Launch received an update that changed the visuals of the key when the first coin or the key itself are not collected, removed a magenta jump pad at 87%, and removed a layer of objects surrounding the ball portal required to get the third coin.
    • Launch received another update in late May 2019 which replaced a toggle trigger with an alpha trigger.
  • The picture in the infobox can be seen in JustDanceTynkerMatty's website.
  • The Where the Decoration Is series was created on July 2019, more than a year after Launch was uploaded.
  • On April 20, 2021, Launch was accidentally removed from the Geometry Dash servers. JustDanceTynkerMatty reverified Launch the next day, and reuploaded it. The reuploaded version has slight modifications to the level.