Aaron and JustDanceTynkerMatty’s Geometry Dash Wiki

The preview for In and Out is an online level made by JustDanceTynkerMatty in Geometry Dash. The full level has not been created nor uploaded to the online servers.


The preview for In and Out starts out as a neon colored level. Then it turns to a pink shade, revealing the background and ground types. The full level will have more air decoratio because of a comment on the preview version “needs more air deco”.


  • The preview for In and Out was made in 2.11 but, the level is meant to be created in 2.2.
  • In and Out uses Golden Haze (Prev)'s audio.
  • Here are the planned text for the full version and what they refer to:
    • Rub = RubRub
    • Anna = Anna Shevel
    • 201 = The pictogram count of “Fight Club