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Friend as a Furry is an upcoming level by JustDanceTynkerMatty. It is a remake of a 1.9 level named Dorabae-Basic8. The level is set to be Extra-Long. Unlike it's inspiration, Friend as a Furry is set to end before the song.


Friend as a Furry is set to hold a moderately easy difficulty and has similar parts to that of the level of it's inspiration both in terms of gameplay and design.


Friend as a Furry will look a lot like the aforementioned 1.9 level and will use it's color schemes. Unlike, Dorabae-Basic8, Friend as a Furry uses the room background instead of Background 7.


  • Friend as a Furry uses the audio of The Living Tombstone's "Clip Joint Calamity" remix.
  • Dorabae is the creator of the Dorabae-Basic series and all the levels in the series and, therefore, although they didn't make Friend as a Furry or build anything in it, is responsible for the creation of the level.
    • This is also the case with Basic8, a megacollab consisting of redecorated versions of the ending structure of Dorabae-Basic8. However, the oringinal structure is present at the end of Basic8.
  • The title, Friend as a Furry, is a joke.