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EZ DO MAP is a level by PlotagonRocks. A video showcasing the layout is uploaded on YouTube.


EZ DO MAP has easy but skill requiring. Form portals are common. The level is mostly fast.


EZ DO MAP has a simple 2.0/2.1 style. If you look closely, you can see guides that are meant to help you complete the level. Some of it's block design is dependent on glow objects.


  • The coin is located at 29% and is collected as the cube. Jump a few normal-sized grid spaces to get the first key, which is invisible. Collecting the first key will untoggle a move trigger used for a slope in the first UFO part, allowing you to go in a gap in the same UFO part if you collected the key, skipping a cube portal. Hop timely to get the key. After speeding up during the third cube, go into a gap, jump once, then jump again to hit a cyan jump pad. A deactivation gravity portal will move away, allowing you to fall up to the rest of the coin route. Yet again, jump. You will collect the coin and fall into a blue jump pad, returning to the normal route.


  • EZ DO MAP uses the audio of "Marbl".
    • This can be observed by the audio in EZ DO MAP's layout showcase.
  • EZ DO MAP is named after a Japanese song by TRF titled "EZ DO DANCE"
    • The song is known for being featured in Just Dance Wii U, a Japanese Just Dance game.
  • The guides are coded like this.
    • For the cube, a circle followed by an X indicates tapping the screen, clicking, pressing the space bar, or the up key. A circle followed by arrows pointing to the right indicates holding. An X indicates releasing. A triangle pointing to the opposite direction of gravity a jump ring indicates activating the ring below (or above).
    • For the ship, arrows pointing up indicate flying up. Triangles pointing down indicate flying down. Similar to the cube, an X indicates releasing.
    • For the ball triangles pointing to the opposite direction of current gravity before flipping indicate flipping. Arrows pointing to the opposite direction of current gravity when (or before) activating jump rings indicate activating jump rings.
    • For the UFO, arrows pointing up indicate hopping.
    • For the wave, arrows pointing up indicate holding. Arrows pointing down indicate releasing.
    • There are no Robot parts in EZ DO MAP, resulting in there being no guide nor guide code for the robot.
    • The guide code for the spider is the same as the ball's guide code.
  • The gap between the second to last set of spikes, the final jump pad and the fact that the final set of spikes is 5 grid spaces long is intentional, as PlotagonRocks wanted to make sure that it's possible to crash at 99%. The reason that he likes this is unknown.
  • EZ DO MAP is one of many of PlotagonRocks’s levels that don't have isosceles spikes.