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JustDanceTynkerMatty JustDanceTynkerMatty 19 May 2018


In Aaron and JustDanceTynkerMatty's Geometry Dash Wiki, you must follow the rules. People who fail to do so will get the punishment.

  • 1 Age Limit and Immaturity
  • 2 Admin
    • 2.1 Deleting Articles
  • 3 Blogs
  • 4 Ban Minimum 
  • 5 Defiance 
  • 6 Explicit Content
  • 7 Edits 
  • 8 False Info
  • 9 Fanmades
  • 10 Harassment
  • 11 Multiple Accounts
  • 12 Swearing

  • There is no age limit imposed on the Wiki, but any immature users will be blocked until they turn 13 at least.
  • Immaturity is judged based on how annoyed the community is by one's behavior. If the admins have reason to agree that the user/s in question have been exemplifying poor conduct and have done immature actions, the Immaturity and Defiance rules will be imposed. No warning is warranted.

  • If you keep pestering a staff member (or any other user) f…

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AaronReturn2004 AaronReturn2004 29 April 2018


Today, RobTop pulled down the severs from 2.11 in order to prepare for the new update. And the owners of this wiki already found the game during 2.11!

And yes, 2.2 will come out tormorrow as RobTop recently said *FAKE MESSAGE*.

Known normal features so far:

  • New Gamemode (usually referred as a Floating Ball or a Swing Copter)
  • New (maybe Insane?) Level: Explorers (by Hinkik)
  • Challenge Mode (“challenge mode can be multiple players, random level, x attempts, lots of settings")
  • Free Fly Mode

And thanks to SubZero’s hacked version and it’s new levels, there’s even more in the editor than usual updates:

  • Song trigger (place it anywhere you want and enter where you want to skip to in the song in milliseconds)
  • End Pos (just like a Start Pos, but it marks an …

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AaronReturn2004 AaronReturn2004 13 April 2018

Easy hidden trick!

1. Go to the Coming Soon and and click the Info button.

2. After reading that, fastly scroll through all the levels about 3 times.

3. Returning back, you may see a coin. Collect it and you’ll also get a free secondary colour!

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