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Another Sea is an online level by JustDanceTynkerMatty. It is planned to be in Geometry Dash Nostalgia, which is a fangame by the level’s creator.


Another Sea is based of the first level in Geometry Dash Meltdown, The Seven Seas. The decorations around jump rings flash when you touch them, probably to tell the player when to perform ring jumps.


  • Another Sea’s codename is the name of one of JustDanceTynkerMatty’s third grade classmates, who tried to verify the level, but did not beat it.
  • Another Sea is actually a modification of a copyable version of The Seven Seas.
  • Another Sea uses the audio of “Chaoz Fantasy” which ironically is one of the songs from The Impossible Game (the game that inspired GD)’s Soundtrack.
  • In the ball part, there are invisible spikes in the that prevent the player from going out of the main route.